Moving healthcare out of the hospital

Our digital health platform enables a remote and continuous monitoring of patients, using medical data gathered from multiple sources to generate insights that support medical decision.

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Palliative Care

Improve life quality of patients with life-limiting illnesses out of the hospital environment, making use of remote and continuous monitoring of their health parameters.

Unnecessary emergency department visits

Reduce the number of unnecessary visits to the emergency department providing real-time feedback to users and direct communication between users and healthcare professionals.

Undiagnosed diseases

By providing health professionals with insights based on patient’s medical data, they may find health issues that would otherwise be hidden.

Medical Data Gathering

Our vision for healthcare is based on medical data, therefore we are empowering information gathering making use of, for example, health parameters manually inserted by users and doctors, data collected by wearables and connectable medical devices, family medical history or weather forecasts.

Predictive alerts

Analysing and mixing different data from multiple sources our platform is able to generate insights, which may trigger relevant alerts for both doctors, supporting medical decision advising about possible health issues, and users, informing, for example, about prevention actions to take based on their current health conditions.